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So you don’t have the cash upfront - but you really need that lounge suite, or your child has outgrown their cot and needs a bed. What options do you have?

Credit cards: these need to be paid off within the month or interest rates between 12 - 20% are payable.

Interest-free period: If you don’t pay for your item during an interest-free period, you could get charged up to 30% after the interest-free period.

Traditional layby: You won’t get your item until you’ve paid it off.

Is there a better option?

Yes - Certegy Ezi-Pay.

No interest charges EVER!

Certegy Ezi-Pay is a take-home layby scheme where you will never be charged any interest. Ever!

There are no interest-free periods with Certegy Ezi-Pay Express payment plans.

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Work out repayments before you purchase

Use the Ezi-Pay repayment calculator to work out your fortnightly payment before making a purchase.

Certegy Ezi-Pay Express payment plans are a simple and convenient way to pay:

  • fortnightly instalments
  • payment amounts tailored to fit most budgets
  • choose how much you can afford to pay every fortnight
  • know how long it will take to pay off

You can check your account and repayment details easily with the Certegy Ezi-Pay App. Pay off your balance anytime.

Quick and easy application

You can apply for pre-approval online before you shop - or apply for a payment plan in store when you’re ready to make a purchase. Your application is assessed straight away.

Low set-up and maintenance fees

There is a low one-off establishment fee, payment processing fee, and monthly account keeping fee. View current fees.


Get your questions answered and find out why over 1.4 million Australians choose Certegy Ezi-Pay to make purchases for furniture, home improvements, soft furnishings, and more.

Bought our new lounge suite from Paul, the service was second to none. Friendly, helpful.. a gentleman. Used the certegy finance option, was easy and stress free. Thanks Paul!!!!
- Judy Smith

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